Antivirus YES/NO

Yes if you pay, in that case the only disadvantage is that it makes your system slower, so cheap/old hardware can become unbearable to work on, specially when it's more than 3 years old.

If you computer it's cheap or old then paying for an antivirus its going to add the constrains of everything working slower than it would without it.

But in any case it's better than free antivirus software in that you are protected, you have a contract so you get that support.

Free antivirus software can work alright for certain scenarios like scanning files and store devices as long as it is up to date.

Now a days Linux is the only Operating System where virus don't exist.

Don't pay for and antivirus, pay for a Service-level agreement.

Web browsing It's another world in respect to viruses or unwanted behaviors

Through social engineering unwanted software gets installed in out PCs every day

Tons of antivirus makes you systems slower

They don't warranty any protection or only protect to certain extent

Tackle the problem from the root.

Adblock for browsing ways of knowing if you system is infected

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