Network access method

Personal Computers in all it's forms factors, Desktop, laptops, Tables, Smartphones, and similar all part of the technological convergence towards getting closer to the user, the users technological experience.

WiFi came to remove cable constrains. FOR mobility purposes, as any technology  the dependencies that causes tend to pay on its reputation and people normally feel dependency rather than enjoyment, from the user experience.

Now you see people trying WiFi being used in a wide range of scenarios, TVs, Desktops, Set top boxes, Network storage devices, and similar. Not only that, on densely populated areas there can be tens of WiFi networks.

My thought process here is. It is inevitable to use WiFi, because of a range of devices, Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks. so leave the WiFi network as uncluttered as possible and use wired where possible, PLC "homeplugs" have proven to be a good alternative to wiring for non low traffic volume networks.

WIRED, WIRED, WIRED always WIRED unless usability constrains

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