Why does my PC run so slow, virus? hardware? network?

First things first...

How old is your setup. if anything is older than 3 years, you might need pumping in some money

How to track down the issues...

Internet speed
Network access method

What to do

Virus - Operating System - Training/Format
If you are using Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 and have loads of popups coming up all the time is recommend you start reading this first which will help you get the computer running to its full potential.

In some cases we are going to need to format if the malicious software is making the computer unusable.

If the computer is clean and is still running slow, the problem is the hardware;

Old hardware
-You are asking to much from what you have
-If it 3 years old its too old for latest version of anything

hardware issues
Network controller
RAM upgrade

network problems
Network access method

that why it is always recommended backup, Network attached storage is a perfect solution to have all your DATA on the cloud on you house for 100£ you can get 1TB Network drives that are a perfect solution to centralized data backup, this together with windows tool that keep improving on each version, the alternative for those with old version of windows and open source orthodox's is Clonezilla (reference to guide)

Hardware - RAM - Network card - Fix/Upgrade

Network - Wireless network - Router - Internet Service Provider connection - Fix/Upgrade

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