Clean and aware browsing

Web browser is a window to huge bastes amounts of information in the internet, and like in any other human activity in a day to day basis there are unwritten rules of conduct, Just as if you walk down the street you don't go shouting I have a big amount a cash in my pocket or here have my credit card this is my PIN number, in the same manner, when we browse we have to take certain precaution.

See you web browser as an interactive area where that part of your screen is intertwined with another system, not necessarily a computer managed by a user but anything, like a system or server that has been programmed to divert your attention, distract you and put you in a vulnerable situation.

Hence the responsibility that a user using this services undertakes, must assume and be aware of.

Social engineering is the main technique most con artist use to get unwanted software in to our PCs every second of every day.

Browsing has become like pealing an onion, layers and layers of ads trying to deceive you, make you think you need something you don't or even remind you of that thing you wanted or thought you might need.

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