Anoying Popups Quickguide

For what is a Pop-up I recommend reading this post first about pop-ups.

Malicious Pop-up software come normally through web browsing by tricking the user to think it needs to install something he doesn't or in the more legit way when installing some freeware with second party software that tends to add  functionally not requested and in most cases not desired by the user.

Quick steps to clean PC from not required software:
  • Remove unused software, Format (recommended)
  • Prevention
    • Training
    • Recovery methodology
      • Backup (prevention)
      • Imaging/Windows rescue
    • Adblock Add-on to block pop-ups on your web browsing and prevent malware coming in
When there is a Pop-up from some software running on the system it will create a task that can be forced to end in task manager.

Standard process to force kill an application.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del; (Task Manager)
    • Application, End task

In most cases the symptoms of infection can be attenuated just by deleting the software installed, [track it down] and uninstall from the system.

Uninstall Software from windows
  • Uninstall unwanted applications

This steps should be enough to bring your PC to a working point, if after trying this issues still persist might be due to a [stronger type of virus, hardware issues or system setup]

Once the system is running without any conduit software be aware that some configurations, software installed, and setups might still remain, normally by changing the configurations of the browser setups, adding extension or even changing the code. The only way to get rid of this if by a fresh systems setup, format and reinstalling everything from scratch.

To prevent all the pop-up related to browsing, this is, pages with questionable intentions with all sorts of experimental code trying to find a way in to where the money is I recommend using extension on the web browser like adblock which as its name indicates, block all the ad... there are loads of similar extension around, this one is supported on chrome and firefox. In firefox the app be called adblock add-on.

Lately there are some time of web browser pop up that block the browser and try to deceive the end user in to think that its got a virus, this is specially convincing and frustrating because the windows or tab cannot be close or changed or even worst for some users that when reloading their browse open the last session it would stay on that tab on a loop.

chrome and most browser now a day have they're own task manager for closing a tab when several tabs open, this is an example of what the page will say when trying to close and the type of social engineering they try to use to cheat you in to calling them charging you high rates or any other types of scam.

right clink at the top of the chrome browser bar

And click on task manager, click on the tab you want to end and end process


1. Uninstall conduit and unwanted applications from your PC. Go to "Control Panel\Programs and Features"

  • Restart PC if in the process you are asked to do so
  • End any unwanted applications task
    • Task manager shown previously
    • End task

2. If there are 2 or more unwanted programs installed in your computer, repeat step one until those programs are gone.

3. Disable or delete unwanted search engines and add-ons from your internet browser like Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

4. Clean your PC with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Get Malwarebytes here for FREE with key:http://youtu.be/ufFtqv7L3Mg)

5. Install the FREE ADBLOCK Add-on to block these pop-ups on your web browsing and prevent PUP coming in. Adblock is applicable only to Firefox and Chrome though.

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