Pop-up ad, Potentially Unwanted Programs PUP/OpenCandy, Malware

What is a Pop-up, an area that appears or occurs suddenly,

Differentiate between Internet browser pop-up ad, PUP malware and system Pop-up

Internet browser Pop-up are those that appear in an internet browser windows normally when browsing pages of questionable reputation. they differentiate from the rest because they don't have access to the underlying systems, the PC, but it's the doorway too most of the malicious software to get installed on PCs now a days. so it's very important to browse aware and be conscious of where the mouse clicks, not only that but what is the source of any file we download and the type of file, DO NOT RUN A DOWNLOADED .EXE unless you know what you're doing.

PUP/OpenCandy is normally unwanted or even malicious software running on a PC might come installed by manufacturer or bundled to Freeware or downloaded from unofficial sites, sometimes when clicking on Pop-up ads a lot of PUP is installed on the PC and start doing unwanted things, like diverting traffic trough their services to gain money or add layer on websites while browsing using our browsing personal history records.

Malware, some of the PUP can be considered as Malware and end up under very bad hands, sell information on the black market to steel identity is a possibility that comes to mind.

What is Pop-up ad

What is PUP Optional Conduit OpenCandy?

PUP.Optional.OpenCandy is not a virus, strictly Its software that comes bundled in freeware software, in these sense is fall more under unwanted software applications. These can be malicious software adware or toolbars and They can be hard to remove and extremely annoying. So when installing freeware software or any other software, make sure to read the licence terms.

Differentiate between PUP, Internet browser pop-up ad

A PUP popup Its a software already installed in your PC

Either by the manufacturer or as the definition states, bundled in freeware software

Free software, in the way of applications installed for a purpose

Unintentionally, which can be installed in you system just by browsing and clinking on popups. The ways to trick users are unlimited, like, ask to install flash when running a webapps or say that your computer is running slow and they offer you the key to all your questions and needs you just have to CLICK HERE.

For the PUP the best approach is prevention. Once PUP has come in, it can be weaken even in sometime completely deleted. But the systems integrity, in this case the Operating System will be conditioned for ever, sometimes a whole fresh start is needed, always recommended.

On the browser popups side of things Adblock for Chrome or Firefox is the best solution in my experience.

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